Don’t Look At My Corners

Don’t look at my corners

And I won’t look at yours.

Don’t look at the bunnies

Hiding behind the doors.

I could have been out of town

Or in a stand off with my spouse.

“I’ll get up and do my chores

When you get off the couch.”

I could have been playing

With my children in the yard.

Folding socks and undies when

You’re outside is odd and hard.

I could have had a loved one die

Or a stressful time at work.

I could be working over-time

To pay the bills that lurk.

I plan to dust and mop and fold

And put it all away

But I also plan to spend time

With my family every day.

So don’t look at my corners

And I won’t look at yours.

It won’t be long before I catch

Those bunnies behind the door.
By Melissa Claypool

Why? Because someone once told me I could learn a lot from looking in the corners of someone’s home. I don’t even remember who said it, but over the last decade I have learned how hard it can be to keep a home. My favorite advice? My mom always tells me to clean the bathroom every week even if there isn’t enough time to finish every chore I would like to finish. With three males in the house, that advice has been invaluable! 😉