Star Spangled Future

I don’t know when I learned the words to the National Anthem, but I know when my children are: right now in June.  In the next month, my husband and I will be teaching our children the words to The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key.  I hope that although the words were penned after the signing of the Decleration of Independence, it will help them understand a little bit more about America’s birthday and allow them to better participate in the celebrations.

We have already talked through the song, line by line, painting a picture in the minds of our small boys about that night at Fort McHenry. They can both hum through the tune, but we still have a month to go to learn, both memorize and understand, the words.

In our family, we like to sing before bed, but now that I’ve found this informative article, I plan to talk more about the lyric during the daytime as well.  Perhaps we will visit their dad’s office where we keep the flag of a relative that was passed down to us and is stored beautifully in a display case. We will not be cutting it up to give to relatives.  (Is your interest piqued now?  If so, be sure to give yourself a good ten minutes to read the entire aforementioned article.)

I don’t know how old your children are or how long your relatives have lived in America. But if you would like to make the Fourth of July a more meaningful celebration, start now. Because goodness knows that Christmas decorations will be on display before you know it. Christmas in July, anyone?