War Room

I watched War Room for the first time last night. It was a well made, character driven, powerful movie. I can see why I heard about it so frequently when it came out. Because it has been many months since then, I would like to challenge people to not forget their own War Rooms.

When I got back from one of our high school church trips, someone who I cannot remember told me something that I will never forget. He or she said that the fire we showed during our presentation to the church was just going to die soon anyway. It never lasts. I’m not sure how this person thought it would be a good thing to tell a teenager this, but looking back on it, I am sure this person had a rough time with something in church life that caused bitterness to build.

This moment caused me to do my best to encourage people.  I want to lift people up and provide courage when I can. It could be statistically true that many people will get caught up in the day to day and forget about what inspired them, but sometimes, all people need is the proverbial spark while others might need a swift kick to the rear to pursue what once drove them. Either way, don’t give up! Pursue God. Get in your War Room and “fight the right way.”

To my fellow Christians, get in the Word.  If you haven’t read it, read it. I tried the “Read the Bible in a Year” plan, and there was no way that was going to happen despite my love for reading. It took me three years to read it all, but it was worth every little minute. Keeping a commentary by a trusted author on hand is very helpful. Keeping a journal with questions, answers, and key passages is also helpful. Color, highlight, write on, and re-read as you go.

No matter what stage you are in on your Journey with Christ, you will find that time and time again, the Bible points to prayer as a key part of our journey.  This movie reminded me of this. My prayer life has not been consistently strong through my life, but there is always someone or some verse or in this case, a movie, that has helped me pursue God on my knees in prayer. Scripture and prayer are not mutually exclusive. They go together like peanut butter and jelly or whatever pairing helps you remember that they stick together.

If every day life has made you forget about your War Room, get back to it. Follow God. John 14 says that God gives us his peace and that if we love Him, we will keep his commandments. Let’s not let our routines become an idol in our lives, but rather, let’s let our routines include Him in every aspect. And for a girl who can’t handle being out of my day-to-day routine very well, I’m writing this for me to read on one of those days where I forget to fan the flame of my faith.

PS For those of my readers who are not believers in the Christian Faith, I still recommend the movie to get a glimpse of what I have seen in many Christians’ prayer lives. The power of prayer has been life changing in my family!