One Size Too Small

I recently posted this picture as my profile picture.  Full Disclosure:  I ducked down as fast as I could to avoid the unflattering double chin picture that is inevitable when a toddler is taking a picture.  The number of pictures that my hubby and I get to be in together is slim to none, so I was all about my mini-photographer making an attempt at getting the two of us in the frame without cutting off a forehead.  The little finger in the picture is just too cute, and it is a reminder of just how little my little one was when she shot this.

Since this year is my half-way to seventy year, I have been very focused on self-reflection and not always in a positive way.  For example, I felt a twinge of guilt in this picture for trying to avoid a double chin.  It’s silliness!  If I were psycho-analyzing myself, I would note that we have been through another move this year, but I am now running full force at my future all while attempting to soak in the present.  It’s a delicate balance.

Keeping in mind my recently achieved emotional stability, I am now working on my schedule to include more working out than I was doing previously.  It’s going well, but I need to make some goals.  I have no intention to work out every day or go on any diets.  Seriously.  However, I do have questions for those who have aged in a healthy manner; how much has aging affected your view of yourself through the years?  Have there been different stages when you gave yourself more attention than others?  What would you tell your 20 year old self when it comes to aging?  Do you have a healthy mindset when you look at pictures of your younger years or are you critical?

My goal is to have a healthy, realistic view of myself and my habits through the years.  Health is important to me:  physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.  God created every part of my being, and I plan to take care of every part.  Please share and comment.  I know many of my friends out there have passed the half-way-to-seventy mark, and I value your input.  I joke with my husband that I am trying to avoid the onset of a full-blown mid-life crisis, but there is a little bit of truth in that statement.  Thank you in advance for helping me and anyone who reads this have a positive outlook on aging so that we can count our blessings.